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UNICEF/Indonesia, Jakarta

Future search is used on every continent and in many different cultures. Neutral concepts like past, present, future, common ground and action provide a big empty vessel into which people, regardless of culture, pour their many realities.

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Left: UNICEF, Future of Education in Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Applications in Sectors

Future searches affect every part of society - social, economic and technical. Future Search Network is an active participant in the following sectors and we have provided brief descriptions of our successes in each.

InterAmerican Development Bank
InterAmerican Development Bank,
Washington DC, USA

Kahuku Hospital
Kahuku Hospital,
Oahu, Hawaii

Seattle Human Services Coalition
Seattle Human Services Coalition,
Seattle, WA, USA

Banking, Manufacturing and Technology...
Including Housing, Employment, Transportation
Religious Communities
General Education
Private, Public, Elementary and Secondary Schools
Higher Education
Colleges, Universities and Technical Institutes
Agriculture, Conservation and Land Use
County, State and Federal Agencies
Hospitals, HMO's, Nursing and Mental Health
Human Services
Aging, Child Care, Cultural Institutions, Domestic Violence, Family Planning, Museums, Welfare Reform, Youth

Future Search Full list of Sponsors

Hundreds of organizations, institutions and communities have sponsored future searches. This list provides their names and locations.

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