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Introducing the Method

Change your World One Meeting At A Time!

Meeting Management Services From Future Search Network

Let FSN show you how to transform your capability for action in three days or less. You can use the same principles that lead to documented breakthroughs worldwide to run ANY meeting that matters; large groups or small, any culture(s), any language(s). When the issues involve economics, technology and people, we know how to help.

We design meetings for people who value...

  • High Interaction

  • Diverse perspectives

  • Maximal learning

  • Shared responsibility

  • Higher productivity

  • Reduced follow-up time

  • Cimmitment to Action

  • Accountability
Introducing the Method


Our members number among the world's most-experienced meeting leaders and managers. We coach you to run your own meetings or provide hands-on services. We work with you to custom design for realistic outcomes in any time frame. Let us show you how to...

  • Involve multiple stakeholders

  • Account for the whole system--people, groups, organzations, environment

  • Gain cooperation accross boundries of age, education, race, ethnicity, class, and gender

  • Get to rapid solutions and decisions with high support


We like diverse groups, complex situations, and questions with no easy answers. We help you face uncertainty with greater assurance. We are experts in follow-up strategies that lead to action. You can acheive...

  • Vision and Mission Statements with wide support

  • Strategic Planning that leads to rapid implementation

  • Problem-solving based on reality

  • Decision-making that gives all parties a stake in the outcome

We Get Results

For a no-obligation consultation, call Sandra Janoff, Ph.D., co-director, Future Search Network, 610 896-7034 or email sjanoff@futuresearch.net.

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