Future Search The Method

Conditions for Success

  • Get the "whole system" in the room. Invite a significant cross-section of all parties with a stake in the outcome.

  • Explore the "whole elephant" before seeking to fix any part. Get everyone talking about the same world. Think globally, act locally.

  • Put common ground and future focus front and center while treating problems and conflicts as information, not action items.

  • Encourage self-management and responsibility for action by participants before, during, and after the future search.
Future Search Principles

And Conditions for Success...

  • Urge full attendance - Keep part-time participants to a minimum.

  • Meet under healthy conditions - This means airy rooms with windows, healthy snacks and meals, adequate breaks.

  • Work across three days (sleep twice) - People need "soak time" to take in everything that happens.

  • Ask for voluntary public commitments to specific next steps before people leave.





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