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Help Make the World more Inclusive, Open, and Sustainable.

Future Search Network welcomes anyone who will learn the basic principles of Future Search and seek ways of using these principles for the public good. We will help you seek out local Future Search prospects, orient leaders to the benefits of Future Search, and connect with others who share a commitment to public service and learning.

We have members in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India and North and South America. Wherever you live, members will encourage, inspire and assist you.

First read Becoming a Member, then submit the Learning and Service Agreement. We have removed economic barriers to joining FSN. For those who can afford it, the annual dues remain $125 a year. All others may set their own fee at whatever level they can afford.

If you have a potential Future Search, let us help you make it happen. Send an email to fsn@futuresearch.net or call 800-951-6333 or 215-951-0328.

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