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The "Ripple" Research Project

Future Search Network encourages the study of future search processes by all available methods. Anyone can participate. The "ripple effects" of future searches have been widely documented. We know that many conferences generate cooperative action that continues for months or years, taking on new forms and projects. We know this because many members have written case studies and graduate theses on aspects of future search.

In addition, since 1997, more than 50 members have engaged in studying the outcomes of future searches they have run. They use a variety of action research methods. All are committed to advancing our understanding of what happens before, during and after a future search. Their documents form the nucleus of an international archive of experience on future search accessible to members through this website.


FSN's Research Goals

  1. Create knowledge about social change that does not now exist;

  2. Discover the conditions under which future search opens the door to sustaining new structures and processes;

  3. Build Future Search Network's data base for the benefit of all members and their clients;

  4. Provide stories and examples that will give us deeper insights as to why future search works well for so many people, why some people are unable to achieve the outcomes they desire, and under what conditions the successes can be multiplied.






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