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Future Search Interview Marvin & Sandra

Discovering Community — A Future Search as a Springboard for Action in Santa Cruz County

A 30 minute Blue Sky Productions video documenting a Future Search around affordable housing conducted by Sandra Janoff and Marvin Weisbord in Santa Cruz, California. Includes 18 month follow-up.

The Children of Southern Sudan

A 30 minute Blue Sky Productions video documenting UNICEF-sponsored Future Searches with Sudanese children and adults to address the crisis of losing a generation of children to the turmoil of a brutal civil war, led by Sandra Janoff.

Self-Differentiation — a Lecture by John Weir

John Weir presents his theory of project and development of the Percept Language – an orientation for facilitating more skillfully by “owning” your projections. of others and not personalizing others' projections on you.

Seizing Salford's Moment: Connecting People with Opportunities

A 30 minute video documenting a Future Search held in Salford, UK, that brought community leaders and citizens together to address inequities and link people to opportunities for work.

Go to www.partnersinsalford.org to watch the video.





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