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Future Search Network offers two different public workshops presented by Sandra Janoff, Co-Director of Future Search Network. She and Marvin Weisbord have co-authored the following books:

Future Search: An Action Guide to Finding Common Ground in Organizations and Communities

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There, Ten Principles for Leading Meetings That Matter   

Lead More Control Less: "Eight Advanced Leadership Skills That Overturn Convention 


Managing a Future Search - A Leadership Workshop

March 1-3, 2018 - Bogota, Colombia    Read the Brochure  

  For Registration and Further Information, Contact :
  Alejandro Builes -  alejandro@fish.com.co ,  + 57 310 867 3686
  Sara Lozano - sara.logra@gmail.com,  + 57 311 259 9127

December 10-12, 2018 -  Philadelphia, PA, USA 

Contact Sally Theilacker for the Philadelphia Workshop details or registration. 215 951 0328,   800 951 6333,  fsn@futuresearch.net , click here for the December registration form, or click on Register Now! above.

Managing a Future Search - A Leadership Workshop is for facilitators and leaders who want to learn how applying Future Search principles enables a community or organization to transform its capability for action. Participants will acquire the tools needed to organize and manage Future Search conferences with integrity in any sector or culture. MFS runs two full days and a morning.





Lead More, Control Less - A Master Class in Leadership

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Dates: December 13-14, 2018

This is a seminar for those who want to take a deeper plunge into managing meetings and managing yourself. We will explore the realms of practice beyond traditional models, methods and techniques. We will go more deeply into personal and structural issues for leading interactive meetings. Using real issues, we will discover the essentials of controlling what you can and letting go of what you can't control. Together we will learn more about applying principles for meaningful, energizing meetings. This is another opportunity to change the paradigm that breeds time-wasting meetings to one that promotes holistic, productive meetings.

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Contact Sally theilacker, +1 215 951 0328 / +1 800 951 6333 or fsn@futuresearch.net for details and registration.

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