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2011 Learning Exchange, Client Interview — University Director

2010 Learning Exchange - Book of proceedings

Photos from the Learning Exchange

Report - 2009 Learning Exchange, Mt Tamalpias

An exciting, comprehensive report from Ottawa's Byward Market.

Vision 2030 Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

Derry, Northern Ireland - Integrating economic and social development

Salford, UK City-wide Future Search Conference. Here is their website report.

Exciting FOLLOW-UP letter from Future Search at College of Dentistry, University of Florida

First full Future Searches in Japan in Education, August, 2008

Salford, UK Future Search, July, 2008 “Seizing Salford’s Moments: Connecting People With Opportunities�

Watch a slide show about the South African, Don't Just Do Something, Stand There! Workshop

Making Every Child Matter in Bolton, U.K

The DNA of Future Search

Report on IKEA futue search to redesign a product line

Final Wrap-up on the 2005 Learning Exchange in Ireland

Methodist Minister Finds "Future Search was a great success and it was just the beginning..."

Managing a Future Search goes on World Tour

Future Search in Dar Es Salaam

A New Year's testimonial for Future Search

Latest Edition of FutureSearching Features the Global Network

Greater New York Regional Network to Hold Meeting January 31

Introductions to Future Search Offered in Australia

Future Search at National Dialog and Deliberation Conference

Book Announced on Using Future Search in School Districts

Managing a Future Search in India

Changes in Michigan

Future Search Keeps Planes in the Air

Mini-Learning Exchange

Thirty-Five New Members Since April

Videos from Forty-Five Conferences Reviewed

Stockhom Learning Exchange Marks Global Growth for Network





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